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About Us

Inspired by the frustration of finding affordable, but also top quality, car insurance, Get Cheap Auto Insurance is an absolutely free car insurance shopping service that was created, completely self-funded and privately-owned, by a former Insurance Claims Analyst from one of the country’s most trusted insurance companies.

Why Start Such a Service with So Many Others Like It Online?

Why not? Our ongoing goal is to help as many insurance shoppers around the country as possible save as much money as possible as quickly as humanly possible on this much needed and legally mandated financial security tool.

We achieve that goal by connecting legally licensed drivers of all ages with only the best insurance agents in their neighborhood or surrounding area who are fully qualified to service their needs specific to the area they call home.

Founded in 2017, Get Cheap Auto Insurance takes the headaches and the hassles out of affordable online car insurance shopping by safely and securely connecting budget-conscious drivers with qualified local insurance agents across the country to the mutual satisfaction of each, with responsible drivers across the United States saving good hard earned money on their insurance premiums and trusted, customer-service driven agents gaining loyal satisfied clients in return; a win-win situation for all.

We invite you, without any risk and no obligation, to speak with a licensed auto insurance agent today and see how much how much hard-earned money you could save with one toll-free phone call, or a Zip Code search, anytime of the day or night.

The company’s base of operations is the City of Bismarck, the beautiful and progressive capital of North Dakota.

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